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HTF 4 MA Trend Analysis

Overview This indicator will render up to four (4) moving averages on the chart in any higher timeframe and provide a “MA Bullish / Bearish Strength Signal” as a plot output that can be used to link with other indicators on the chart that use the `input.source()` function. Check… Read More »HTF 4 MA Trend Analysis

HTF Candles

Overview This indicator was inspired by the work of informanerd in the script called “HTF Candles” as well as the built-in script called “Multi-Time Period Charts” by TradingView. The script will provide a highly customizable interface to specify the higher timeframe resolution for the candlesticks , the… Read More »HTF Candles

Quickfingers Luc’s Base Breaking Indicator & Strategy v2.5 – 3Commas Edition

Overview This TradingView (TV) indicator attempts to implement Quickfingers Luc’s (QFL) Base-Breaking trading methodology for the 3Commas platform. The following content will detail the indicator and strategy usage. YouTube Video Overview Indicator Anatomy Indicator Settings General Info Version The version input is for displaying the… Read More »Quickfingers Luc’s Base Breaking Indicator & Strategy v2.5 – 3Commas Edition