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3Commas DCA Bot + TA Start Conditions Indicator & Strategy v1.0

From: $10.00 / month

Choose any of the following auto-renewing subscription plans:

  • Monthly at $10/month
  • Every 3 months at $9/month
  • Every 6 months at $8/month
  • Yearly at $7/month

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The indicator is attempts to simulate a 3Commas 🡵 bot using the “Open new trade asap” and “Trading View Custom Signal“. It was designed to match the same inputs as the 3Commas My Bot Settings page so that you don’t have to reverse engineer the safety order layer prices, volume and scaling. The script includes an indicator and strategy version to help you setup reliable alerts and leverage the power of TradingView™’s back tester to be confident on the performance of your bot configuration on 3Commas.

But wait! That’s not all… subscribing to this indicator will also grant you access to the 3Commas Technical Analysis (TA) Start Conditions Indicator that can be used as a companion indicator to simulate the various 3Commas stand-alone and TA preset indicators.  The indicator fully supports the following 10 signal types: RSI-7, ULT-7-14-28, BB-20-1-LB, BB-20-2-LB, MFI-14 crosses 40, MFI-14 crosses 20, CCI-40 crosses -200, BB-20-1-UB, BB-20-2-UB, MFI-14 crosses 65, CCI-40 crosses 0, and CCI-40 crosses 100.


You can find the 3Commas DCA Bot Indicator documentation here.
You can find the 3Commas TA Start Conditions documentation here.

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