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Quickfingers Luc’s Base Breaking Indicator & Strategy v2.5 – 3Commas Edition

From: $30.00 / month

Choose any of the following auto-renewing subscription plans:

  • Monthly at $30/month
  • Every 3 months at $26.66/month
  • Every 6 months at $23.33/month
  • Yearly at $20/month

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The indicator is based on a popular Base Breaking Indicator v2 Series, but completely redone to be a perfect fit for 3Commas platform 🡵.  It was designed to match the same inputs as the 3Commas My Bot Settings page so that you don’t have to reverse engineer the safety order layer prices, volume and scaling.  The script includes an indicator and strategy version to help you setup reliable alerts and leverage the power of TradingView™’s back tester.

This subscription will also include access to the 3Commas DCA Bot Indicator v1.0 (auto-renew) script so that you can make the most of your purchase.

How is this indicator different from the QFL signal in 3Commas?

Here’s a table of features that compares the QFL signal in 3Commas with the indicator:

FeatureProsum Solutions QFL3Commas QFL
Base Detection CustomizationOver 10 input settings are supplied to configure the base detection algorithm to fit your needs.Only 2 input settings are supplied.
Chart Resolution SupportAny resolution that TradingView supports is available (> 12)Only 3 are supported:

  1. Original & Day Trading: Uses the 1H resolution
  2. Conservative: Uses the 2H resolution
  3. Position Trader: Uses the 4H resolution
Open Deal SignalAny deviation from the base price is possible, including the base price.Price deviation must be greater than 3% from the base price.
Back-test Your Bot SettingsYes (using TradingView’s back-tester).No
Visualize Bot PerformanceUse TradingView’s Chart and Back-tester. Also, the indicator provides a QFL Statistics label to further summarize performance.The My Bot page provides the Assistant, Chart and Table tools in the upper-right corner, but do not show Net Profit performance.
Connectivity with ExchangeSignal provider only, so no ability to receive data from Exchange.Robust integration with Exchange with TradingView chart plugin to visualize limit order placements.
Single vs Multiple Pair SupportSingle pair only, but you can change the symbol on the chart and generate alerts for each pair. Alerts are limited to membership type.Single and Multiple are supported.

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Subscription Option

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