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Setup Guide for QFL v2.5 3Commas Edition


The following is a simple guide on how to setup and configure 3Commas to use the the QFL v2.5 3Commas indicator.

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The following table details the conventions that are used in the guide to help you distinguish when referring to UI elements and values you type into inputs.

BoldUI element label
ItalicsData value to enter or select


Configure the Strategy & Indicator in TradingView

1. Create a new chart in TradingView™ and choose any symbol you are interested in trading with. For this guide, we will choose BTCUSD on the Coinbase exchange.

2. Add the [Private] QFL Strategy v2.5 – 3Commas Edition indicator using the Indicators & Strategies dialog box.

3. Use the settings of the indicator to configure the bot to conform to your trading strategy and risk tolerance and produce the net profits you desire. To learn more about the settings for the indicator, you can refer to the documentation here.

For this guide, the following settings will be used for the 3Commas bot:

4. Once configured, you are now ready to create you bot on 3Commas. Before you do, you will need to load the Study version of the indicator to be used as the signal provider for the bot on 3Commas. Therefore, add the [Private] QFL Indicator v2.5 – 3Commas Edition indicator using the Indicators & Strategies dialog box.

5. Once loaded, copy the settings from the strategy to the indicator. Once copied, you can then hide the strategy or remove it.

6. Open the settings and set the Start Date/Time to be the current time or 10 to 15 minutes in the future (to give you time to setup the bot on 3Commas).

7. Save the chart and now you are ready to log into 3Commas to setup the bot.

Configure the 3Commas Bot

1. Log into 3Commas and click on the plus button next to the DCA Bot label.

2. Click the Advanced label to load the advanced view on the bot settings.

3. Set the values in the Main settings panel to use the following values:

4. Set the Pairs drop down to BTC/USD.

5. Set the Base order size drop-down to %(USD) and its input value to 0.88238 and set the Safety order size drop-down to %(USD) and its input value to 1.32357. All other inputs are defaulted.

6. Set the Deal start condition drop-down to Trading View custom signal option.

7. Set the Target profit (%) input to 4 and the remaining inputs will remain the default values.

8. Leave the Stop Loss panel as-is with no changes.

9. Set the inputs in the Safety order panel to match the indicator, like so:

10. The remaining panels can be left as-is with no changes.

11. Click the Create Bot button.

12. Click the Start button.

13. The page will refresh and display the Information table.

14. Scroll down and click the Expand label for the Message for deal start signal item.

15. Copy the JSON message to the clipboard by simply clicking on the message text.

16. Paste the message to a text editor of your choice to simply prepare to copy portions of the values into the indicator on the chart.

17. Open the indicator settings on the chart and enter the values into the Bot ID and Email Token inputs and check the Open Deal Signal Message check-box. Click the Ok button to save the changes.

18. Now we are ready to start the bot by creating an alert to send the open deal signal message to 3Commas from TradingView™.

Create TradingView Alert

1. In the TradingView chart, click the three dot menu and select Add Alert on QFL3C menu item.

2. Fill out the Create Alert dialog by entering into the Webhook URL input box.

3. Click the Create button.

4. The indicator will trigger the alert when the price action crosses over the base order (BO) order.

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