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Glad you are here

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you will enjoy the experience. The website is very simple and easy to use and it’s just getting started with content. As a result, here’s…

What can you expect?

The Posts section of the site is where I plan to post content related to the indicators and strategies. Previously, the documentation was captured in a Word or PDF document and was difficult to communicate changes and new versions. By migrating the documentation to the site, I can leverage the power of the website to enable people to provide useful comments to the documentation to augment the information with personalized experiences.

In addition, the Posts section can be used to provide How-to type documentation surrounding the use of popular platforms like Zignaly, 3Commas, ProfitView and AutoView to help people find ways to integrate the scripts into an automated system of trading.

New Face, Same Community

As always, the Discord community is always available to further enhance collaboration and discussion around the use of the scripts as needed. It’s a great place to broadcast your questions and leverage the power of numbers with multiple people all helping each other towards success.

🔗 Click to open Discord and join the server

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